Still Hungry

I was exhausted when I woke up today, so the snooze button was abused. I am thinking about working out later tonight, but I haven’t made a definitive decision about that yet. As always, there is homework and more to be done.

Still, I felt dedicated to healthy eating today. I really did. I packed my breakfast and lunch quickly on the way out the door. Breakfast was an apple and a cup lemon Light & Fit yogurt with a tablespoon or so of granola. I ate it in class around 10am. Lunch was the second half of my Anytober $5 footlong was Subway yesterday. (Anyone else sick of that commercial?) Turkey and black forest ham on wheat with no cheese and loads of veggies. I forgot to pack a packet of light mayo, so I had to snag some of the regular version from the school cafeteria. I also enjoyed a small brownie that a girl in my afternoon class offered to me. Problem #876: I can’t say no to a brownie (or cookie or any delicious baked good for that matter). All jokes aside, I was generally okay with my daytime meals.

This is how things usually go. All semester, I’ve been packing my own breakfast and lunch. Food at school is expensive and the unhealthy options are all too tempting. I save money and calories by bringing my food in my $3.00 can cooler turned lunchbox.

Here’s where the problem-o comes in. I get home, and I’m starving! Cue binge eating. Oh, I’ll just have a few chips. Then, a couple cookies. Why not some fruit snacks? You get the idea. Today, I was determined not to let this happen. I headed straight for the raw veggies and light ranch dip. They were good, but I was still hungry. I munched on a few reduced-fat wheat thins and when these didn’t do the job either, I grabbed one serving (about 14) peanut-butter-filled pretzels. I stopped there, so I didn’t do too much damage, but the problem remains. Why am I still hungry?

This journey to healthy living is no easy feat for me, but I think that the first step is self-awareness. I want and need to be aware of what triggers unhealthy eating for me and how I can fix it. I know how to lose weight, but I want to know how to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I have to accept that it won’t happen overnight.

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