Taco Thursday?


(And like the great blogger that I am, I forgot to snap some pictures. Oh well, you’re here for my amazing written insights anyways, right?)

I know what all you domestic divas out there are thinking … so what? But little do you know that: I don’t cook. Ever. It’s sad, pathetic, and every other adjective that you are thinking. But it’s the truth.

For some reason, I just never took an interest in it. By the time I reached an age where I might want to start learning how to cook, I lived in a home where home cooking rarely occurred. The ultimate dinner decision was usually: chinese food, pizza, or fried chicken?

When I went off to my first college, I dated a guy who loved to cook. So, I let him cook for me. Why not, right? Well, that college didn’t work out for me. Coincidentally, neither did the boyfriend. Lucky for me, I’m with a different guy now. While he is definitely the one for me, he doesn’t cook. Now, this is not to say that he can’t cook. He could be a culinary genius for all I know. But, he’s a dude. He’s lazy. And he doesn’t cook.

He also happens to love Qdoba naked burritos, Kopp’s bacon cheeseburgers, and McDonald’s Big Macs. (Interestingly enough, I am pretty sure he is smaller than me. Damn his metabolism.) I think it’s no coincidence that when I moved in with him, I lost sight of my Weight Watchers plan and gained almost 15 pounds over the course of a year. Of course, I don’t eat burritos and cheeseburgers every time he does. But the point of all his jibber-jabber is that we eat out and order in. A lot.

I know that we could be saving millions of calories and zillions of dollars (these are actual figures that I have carefully calculated) if I just sucked it up and cooked. I guess I’m just a little scared of making mistakes. Oh, and burning my thumb on a hot pan (true story) or cut my finger slicing  a pork chop (again, true story).

I’m also busy. I know, that is such a load of crap. Who isn’t busy? I just keep telling myself that once I am done with school, I will have a more regular schedule, because I won’t be working 836 jobs (another real statistic) in addition to going to school full-time and doing homework. While this is probably true, there is no time like the present to work on my skillz!

While, I can’t promise that I’ll be preparing a delicious homemade meal everyday, or even once a week, you might see one pop up every now and then. And trust that they will be the simplest cooking endeavors you’ve ever seen … at least for me. And feel free to throw some simple recipes my way!

So, in case you were wondering, tonight I made chicken tacos in the crock pot. I got the idea from Julie over at Peanut Butter Finger’s. Before I read it, I didn’t actually known that there was such a thing as ground chicken. I was going to make it on Tuesday, but then I got this sick nasty cold I’m battling and didn’t feel like eating real food for a few days.

I tossed the meat into the freezer, so I when I got the urge to make it today, it was frozen and I too impatient to wait for it to defrost. After a quick Google search, I found that you can in fact cook frozen meat in the crock pot as long as you increase the cooking time. I decided to cook it on high for awhile to expedite the thawing process and then switch it over to low.

It ended up cooking a little over an hour on high and about six hours on low. It might have burnt a little, but since I don’t usually cook, I don’t have really high expectations for my own cooking, and it tasted fine to me. We’ll see what the boyfriend thinks when he gets home later. If he even dares to try it …

I had the usual taco fixings on hand, including tortillas and shredded lettuce and cheese. I even diced a tomato without chopping my finger off. Who am I?

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