Be Thankful Challenge

I guess November is the month of challenges. For me at least! Today, I read about Tina’s idea to post about something she is thankful for everyday in November, and I love it! Although I don’t post everyday on my blog, I want to make a conscious effort to think about something that I am thankful for everyday this month. When I remember, I will mention it on the blog.

Today, I am thankful for my healthy body. I was so tempted to skip my workout after work, but then I reminded myself about my re-commitment to fitness in November. Although the workout wasn’t easy, I was happy I gave it 100%. I stuck to my plan and completed the week 4 Couch-to-5K workout and the Tone It Up Girl’s Lean Arms Pyramid workout. I left the gym red in the face, and my arms feel like jiggly jello (probably because I have majorly neglected any strength training lately). Although I am often hard on myself for not being as skinny or as fit as I’d like to me, I am in good healthy and should be thankful for that.

I know that it’s only the first of the month, but I am on track with both my challenges. 🙂 What about you?


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