In case you were wondering, it turns out that a class at the gym called “Hard Core” turns out to be pretty hard core after all. 😉

Although I’ve taken this class once before, it was months ago. In fact, it was in May 2011, a few days after I joined my gym. You know that euphoric “I can do anything” feeling you get right after making a decision like joining a new gym?

Well, here’s the thing, my friends. I can do anything. So can you. Anything you set your mind to.

When one of my co-workers (I happen to work at my gym) approached me on Tuesday and encouraged me to take the class with him yesterday, I immediately said yes. I am doing my best to keep my goals for 2012 in mind and really just to get my workout on as much as possible.

Then, I remembered what a challenge the class was from my first experience, and I got a little bit nervous. Between me and you, I might have even secretly hoped that we were extra busy and work and I would have to stay late, thus, missing the class. But we weren’t, and  I didn’t.

Plus, inside, I knew my tendency to make excuses and skip a workout at all costs, so I made sure to tell a bunch of people about my intention to take Hard Core. When I clocked out of work at 11:55, I knew that I had just enough time to hop into my workout clothes and make it to the gym by noon. And I knew several people who would heckle me if I didn’t.

The class began, as always, with some intense, dynamic stretching. I’m not gonna lie, my inner thighs were already sore before we even began the stations. There were 5 stations, and we spent exactly 40 seconds at each, with a 20 second rest between stations.

My first station was the ropes (think Biggest Loser). For the first 20 seconds we alternated arms, and for the last 20, we did both at the same time.

Next up was the lateral walk with a resistance band. Similar to the picture below, but Brandon, our trainer, requested that the band be lower on our legs.

At the third station, we wrapped a resitance band around our backs. The first 20 seconds were supposed to be push ups. Since I can only do “girly” push ups on my knees, I chose to do the modified option and held a plank for 20 seconds instead. For the last 20 seconds, we had to tap our toes out to the side, one at a time. By the third set, I had to lose the resistance band, but I still completed the exercises.

Station four was the TRX. The first 20 seconds were TRX bicep curls; the last 20 seconds, TRX rows.

Finally, there were the dreaded kettlebells. This was the toughest station for me … maybe because it was the last in each set. Here, we had to do some squats and overhead presses.

We ran through the five stations three times. Then, we got a two-minute break. At this point, I was feeling exhausted, but empowered. I noticed that it was 12:30, and I knew that the class was 45-minutes long. Hesitantly, I asked what was next. Three more times. We had to do what we’d just done all over again. For a moment, I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

Then, all of a sudden, it was time to go. I didn’t have any more time to doubt myself. I sucked it up, and headed back to the ropes. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult. But I never gave up. Although I modified some movements to meet my needs, I never stopped fighting. I completed the exercises at each station for the full 40 seconds.

At the end of class, we all high-fived. It was a great feeling. Although I was the newbie in the class, and three of the participants were actually personal trainers, I felt like I could hang.

Last night, I struggled to touch my toes during “Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” with my five-year old dancers. And today, it hurts to walk, lift my arms, and sit on the toilet. But you know what? I can’t wait to do it again.

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4 Responses to Ouch

  1. Whew that does sound like a tough workout!!! Awesome job!

    • katieforlife says:

      Thanks girl, it really was! I am most proud of myself for continuing to keep up with my workouts this week despite how sore I was/still am. I am actually thinking about setting up a month or two with you to plan some workouts for me, but I have to see what my budget is like. I am starting a teaching internship on the 16th. I have to leave my hour at 6:30am everyday, so that means that I will need to workout in the late afternoons/evenings. I prefer getting it out of the way in the morning, but 4am is too early for me, so it might be nice to have my workouts pre-planned to increase my motivation.

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