Friday Musings

Personal Training:

I fought through the pain and hit it hard during the 30-minute personal training session today. As an employee at the athletic club where I work, we are awarded two one-hour sessions with a personal trainer. New members are also afforded this accommodation in hopes that it will help them feel more comfortable at the facility and help them reach their fitness goals. In fact, they are actually rewarded for utilizing these complimentary sessions with gift certificates for use within the club!

Since I was a member before an employee, I figured that I would not receive my two personal training sessions since I had already “used” them. However, when we got together to discuss my employment, our general manager was kind enough to offer me two more sessions in an effort to help me reach my own fitness goals.

Although I have been working there for over four months now, I hadn’t gotten around to setting up a session with Jenny, my trainer. All of the trainers at our club are great, but since I had my first two sessions with Jenny and really enjoyed working with her, she seemed like the obvious choice. Since she and I have equally busy schedules, we decided to settle on four 30-minute sessions instead of two hour-long ones.

(That’s not us, but Jenny and I have a similar love-love relationship. :))

Having a personal trainer is a really awesome experience. I know that they are expensive and therefore can’t be a reality for everyone. However, if you can swing it financially, I would absolutely recommend setting up even a couple of sessions with one. He or she can put together a kick-ass workout routine for you to follow when you are looking for some direction in the gym. Have the trainer help you record it at the end of the session, so you can refer to it again and again.

As with everything, I will keep you updated on my experiences with personal training. One thing that I really regretted today was not getting a quick warm-up in before the session. I got to the gym only five minutes before we were scheduled to begin, so I only had time grab a locker, change my shoes, and meet Jenny. However, I learned quickly, that when I am going to work that hard, a warm-up would be helpful …

Body Image:

After PT, I decided to pop in for half of a Zumba class in hopes that a little dancing would help to loosen up my sore, sore muscles. Zumba takes place in the gym and there are mirrors lining one wall. I have to admit that, usually, when I am taking a class in there, I look at myself in mirror and the negative self-talk starts rolling in my head. Gosh, this shirt really accentuates my belly fat! or Wow! My arms are so flabby! You know what I mean?

But today, although I am by no means happy with my current body, I checked out myself in the mirror, conscious of my ever-so-achy muscles, and thought: Damn girl, look at you go! You are so lucky to be able to work out hard and get fit.

I left the gym, went grocery shopping for some healthy staples at my new favorite grocery store ever Trader Joe’s, and threw together a yummy lunch that consisted of: a leftover pork chop, celery, hummus and pita bread.

It’s truly amazing what a positive start to your day can do for you.

What are you thinking about on this Friday?

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