Preparing for A Healthy Week

In case you were wondering, and I know you are, I am rocking my workouts this week. Unfortunately, the year got off to a bad start when I couldn’t motivate myself to get to the gym on the first two days of January. But all it took was a brave attempt at my first “virtual” spin class (downloaded from Rachel Wilkerson’s blog) on Tuesday to kick myself into gear. If you check out my Workout Log, you’ll see that I have kicked some ass everyday since then.

While some people plan a specific day of the week, say Sundays, for example, as their rest day, I find that it is better for me to just let it happen. Inevitably, there is a day (or two or three) every week that I just can’t make the time to workout. For example, this week, I have a student teaching orientation all day on Friday and then I’m going out for dinner and some drinks, so that will be a rest day for me this week. This method works for me, because then I am stressing to get a workout in on days that it’s just not happening for me.

Speaking of stressing, who finds packing a lunch for school or work stressful? I know that I used to. When I first started eating healthier, a la my Weight Watchers days, I relied on Subway a lot for lunch. I was a fast food girl after all. I knew that Subway was one of my healthiest choices on-the-go (when you order the right things), so I ended up there several times a week. Eventually, however, I got sick of it. My bank account didn’t love it so much either. Plus, I was unprepared when I got hungry for a snack between meals, and ended up at the vending machine choosing something not-so-good-for-me.

Finally, I decided that I needed to suck it up, buy a lunch box, and do some grocery shopping. And I haven’t looked back since then. It is no doubt a hassle to wake up a little bit earlier in order to prepare my meals and snacks for the day, but it’s also totally worth it. (Please remind me of this starting next week when I have to wake up at 5:30am for my internship!)

My advice? Take some time to do a little preparation ahead of time. For example, today I tossed two chicken breasts in the crock pot. I let ’em cook all day and ended up with some deliciously moist chicken that fell apart when touched with a fork. I will use it in my salads this week.

I also washed and chopped my lettuce.

I used to buy the pre-cut bagged lettuce, but I’ve recently found that buying hearts of romaine and chopping them myself is cheaper, and the lettuce tastes fresher.

I would also have chopped some of my veggies (like cucumbers, peppers, etc.) if I had any this week. I do have some tomatoes and avocado, but I usually like to slice that the morning of.

Tomorrow morning, I will throw everything together into a tupperware container and call it my lunch. Well, part of it. Then, I’ll choose my sides and snacks, which lately include: a couple of clementines, a stick of string cheese, greek yogurt, pop chips, any other fruits or veggies … you get the picture. All of these items are fairly easy to toss in my lunchbox in the morning.

I am ALL about these right now

I don’t really plan my dinners in advance, because my boyfriend and I have such crazy evening schedules that we don’t always know if we’ll both be home, but I do  my best to keep the house stocked with easy, healthy food that I can cook up when I, or we, get hungry. Right now, we are really no fuss eaters. I don’t make intricate recipes … yet. We just stick to simple things like pork chops, chicken breasts, or fish with a veggie and sometimes a potato, which works for both of us.

Another thing that I’m working on planning? My workouts. Today, I looked over my schedule for the week in order to plan when I can fit in a workout and what I’ll do. I included these in my Workout Log with the notation (Plan) next to them. I’m excited, because this week includes a nice variety of workouts. It’s all about setting yourself up for success!

How do you prepare for a healthy week? Remember that I am, by no means, an expert at this. These are just some things that work for me so far, but I’d love to pick up some new ideas!

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3 Responses to Preparing for A Healthy Week

  1. Awesome post!! So much of getting healthy and staying that way is about planning and preparation. Your body and your pocketbook will thank you for taking the time to make a lunch you love!!

  2. Crockpot chicken is such a great idea for salads…I never thought of that! Thanks! Pop chips are awesome, aren’t they? I found your blog from Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen – you’re doing great and your Dec ’11 picture looks wonderful. 🙂

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