Simple Swaps

Happy Saturday everyone! This week has proved to be a long one, as you might have been able to tell from my lack of posts. I am starting to adjust to my new schedule, though I’m sure it will take some time until waking up at 5:30am and going to bed a little bit earlier feels like the norm.

Today, I came across an article called 89 Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life. I appreciate the concept, because I am a firm believer in making small changes instead of trying to overhaul your whole life in one felt swoop. Here are a few that resonated with me and why. (I apologize for the lengthiness of the post, but think of it as making up for the rest of the week. :))

2. Interval workout for relaxed run. Although I am not really into running, I can appreciate the benefits of good interval workouts. Since spinning is my go-to workout right now, I try my best to intermix many intense sprints, climbs, and jumps with periods of recovery when I am doing it on my own.

3. Gym for napping. This is huge for me right now. When I finally get home from work, I am terribly tempted to take a nap or lounge all night long. But I truly do get a second win from tearing myself off of the couch and heading to the gym.

13. Personal trainer for guessing games. Like I mentioned in this post, I know that personal training is expensive, but a couple of sessions has really helped me to pick up some great fitness ideas. However, if you can’t afford a trainer, even a good book can provide some guidance or help you to change up a stale routine. I recently checked out The New Rules of Lifting for Women from my local library (free!), and am looking forward to learning more about the program.

15. Exergames for Mario Kart. I also exchanged a duplicate Christmas gift for a Zumba Fitness game for Wii. It’s my hope that on those days that I can’t drag myself to the gym, I can try this out (or use one of the other fitness DVD’s that I have lying around).

17. Stairs for escalator. My classroom is on the third floor!

20. Parking further away for getting a spot up close. In the dead of Wisconsin winter, this is often a challenge, but I plan to keep working on this one.

22. Working out with a pal for exercising by yourself. Although I can appreciate the accountability and motivation of a friend, I just can’t get myself to love working out with others. When I am spinning or lifting, I am in the zone. I like to crank up my music and push myself hard, and I’m just not in the mood to chat. Please tell me that I am not the only one?

26. Cooking for eating out. I am getting progressively better at this as I learn to make more things.

29. Oil and balsamic for other dressings. I am a ranch dressing addict, and although I have transitioned to low-fat varieties, I know that I could cut a lot of calories by kicking the habit. Does anyone dress their salads with oil and balsamic? How is it?

42. Oatmeal for sugary cereal. This WIAW post was my first attempt at eating oats (of the overnight variety). I didn’t love them, but they are growing on me. I bought a giant container recently because they were on sale, and I like making them with strawberry protein powder for a flavorful (and healthy) kick.

44. Packing a lunch for eating out. I am all about this. I pack a lunch for work daily.

50. Doggy bag for food coma. This is one that I really need to work on. When I eat out, I always go balls to the wall. I eat too much and leave feeling overstuffed and guilty.

53. Eating at the table for chowing down in front of the TV. In this household, we are also really bad at this. I’ll keep trying.

58. Eating from a bowl for digging from a box. Here’s another area for improvement. I am often guilty of eating straight from the container, which generally leads to overindulgence.

69. Journaling for comfort food. I would like to try this, because I am one to eat for comfort, and this type of eating often leads to binging. I do think of this blog as a type of journal that is definitely helping me to identify and begin working on changing some of my unhealthy habits.

76. Book for television. TV makes me want to eat mindlessly. It’s much harder to eat with a book in your hands, right? In addition to NRLFW, I also checked out Intuitive Eating and am looking forward to learning about this revolution.

77. Keeping the same bedtime for winging it. With my new 5:30am wake-up call during the week, it is time for me to really think about establishing a regular schedule.

81. Self-love for self-criticism. Check out my 2012 goals for more on this.

83. Moderation for depravation. Self-explantory, but also addressed in my goals for the year!

85. Honesty for excuses. I lie to myself all the time. Take for example, a couple of weeks ago, when I skipped my workout “because it was snowing outside.” Granted, I am terrified of driving in snowy conditions, but I could have done a makeshift workout at home. Honesty is the best policy, even to yourself.

87. Saying no for overcommitting. I am a habitual “yes-woman.” I am trying my best not to over-extend myself anymore, because I need to give 100% to my internship, and I want to have time for myself.

Which of the 89 simple swaps from the article really resonated with YOU?

Has anyone read The New Rules of Lifting for Women and/or followed the plan? What are your thoughts?

Do you prefer to workout alone or with others? 

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4 Responses to Simple Swaps

  1. Gillian says:

    Hi Katie, I totally agree with you about point 22 (working out with a partner). I much prefer working out by myself so I can concentrate and not have to make conversation or adjust my schedule to someone else. It may sound selfish but that may be one reason I like running – its essentially a solitary sport.

  2. Alicia says:

    I’m definitely an over-committer, too. And sometimes it gets me into trouble because I start losing sleep from trying to cram too many things into one day, and get them all finished.

    What I need to work on is saying “yes” to myself and my needs over saying yes to other people. And you’re not alone for not wanting a workout partner — I’m the same way. I plug in my headphones, and just go. I use it as time to be in my own head. I don’t work out nearly as hard when I’m with someone else, unless I’m running, then I push myself harder to keep up with them.

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