Hello to all my friends in the blog world! I’m happy to report my day of rest on Monday left me feeling much better, and I’ve had a pretty great week since then. I feel like I am definitely starting to settle in at my internship and  getting the hang of being a full-time teacher. It’s a lot of work and new challenges arise daily, but I am really enjoying my journey to “finding myself” as a teacher.

Even better, I feel like I might be settling into a healthier lifestyle. As I wrote my post on Monday, I realized that I was reaching my breaking point. It’s not that I am sick and tired of being overweight … I realized that a long time ago, and I’m still struggling to do something about it. More than that, I am sick and tired of being unhappy with the way that I treat my body. I’m sick and tired of hating myself for binging and making other unhealthy choices.

I think I've shared this picture before, but it seemed fitting

So this week, I did something about it. I made a conscious decision every day to make healthy choices. Instead of eating breakfast, a hearty lunch, and then struggling to make it to dinner without overindulging in unhealthy snacks, I packed food for work with the intention of eating breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a lighter lunch, a mid-afternoon snack, and dinner. By spreading my caloric intake throughout the day, I stayed more satisfied and thought about binging less.

Plus, I’ve started saying “no” to every temptation in sight. For example, I passed on the cupcakes at our staff meeting on Tuesday morning. Normally, I would take one, just because they’re there. But the truth is, I don’t even like cupcakes that much. I’ve decided that it’s ok to indulge every now and then … even every day, as long as I keep these indulgences in moderation and pick and choose what I really want.

Here are a few realizations that I’ve had this week. Like always, they are things that I probably already knew, and they make perfect sense … but I’m just starting to realize it.

Maybe it’s not reasonable to eat 1,200 calories a day … even when you’re trying to lose weight. I started tracking my food this week on MyFitnessPal. (I’ve been a member for awhile and tracked sporadically, but this week I’ve been pretty dedicated.) In the past, I’ve always thought that I needed to drastically cut my calories in order to lose weight. The truth is, I did need to reduce them. The number that I’ve been eating (including binges) has obviously led to weight gain. But, I don’t need to starve myself. I’m learning that honoring my body’s signals, like eating when I’m hungry and allowing myself a cookie when I’m craving it, will make me more happy and ultimately help me to lose weight, even if it means that my caloric intake is a little higher for the day.

Along the same lines, it’s okay if the weight doesn’t fall off overnight. When I lost weight a year and a half ago with Weight Watchers, it came off quickly. I lost over 65 pounds in about four months. But, like I’ve addressed before, this is because I never indulged. I went on a diet instead of making a true lifestyle change. Although I changed many of my habits, I also reverted back to several disastrous ones, like binge eating. Now that I’m making realization #1, I’m also realizing that it might be better to lose weight slowly this time, so it stays off.

I might like running. Ok, so this is totally unrelated to my eating habits, but I still wanted to share. I’ve always wanted to run a 5K, and I found a fun-looking one in Chicago in June (more on this later). I started the Couch to 5K program this week (I started with week 3, since I’m not a couch potato by any means), and I think it might be just want I need to give me the confidence to run. I’ve always been afraid of it before, but I think it might be because I didn’t know how to get started. It helps that my valentine offered to buy me a brand new pair of running shoes for Valentine’s Day.

I can't wait to try these babies out tomorrow

And while we’re talking about exercise, I’ve been kicking some butt with my workouts this year. I started keeping a Workout Log after I set the goal to workout at least four times a week this year, and I’ve stuck to it. Another realization I’ve had is that a workout is a workout, whether it is 20 minutes of light cardio or a kick-ass spin class. The point is that I’m getting my heart rate up, burning a few calories, and being active. I need to give myself more credit to sticking with my goals and doing something for myself, especially as my life gets busier and busier.

So tell me, what have you realized lately?  Fill me in on what’s going right (or wrong) in your life!

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