Fitness Commitments

As you guys know, I am proud to say that I have been sticking to my 2012 goal of at least four workouts per week. I have also added quite a few new-to-me workouts to my repertoire as of late, and I know that the variety is good for my body. I used to be a diehard Jazzercise girl … I was an instructor after all. Now, while I still love me a good Jazzercise class, I participate in a variety of fitness activities.

Lately, my weekly cardio workouts generally include a spin class or two, a hip-hop class, and a couple days of running. About six months ago, I could never have pictured myself taking a spin class or running continuously on the treadmill. I also try to incorporate some strength training supersets three days per week. If I can, I will hit up a Bodyworks class at my gym, schedule a short session with a personal trainer, or take another class at the gym (like the ever-so-intense Hard Core class). However, these are getting harder for me to get to now that I am working full-time during the week.

When I saw that Tina was offering an online Best Body Bootcamp Challenge, I was immediately interested. However, I didn’t want to spend the money on something that I didn’t have the time to commit to. I tossed the idea back and forth in my head, and then I finally realized that I would simply have to make the time. Fitness is so important to me, and I can always use some guidance in the strength training department. So, I committed!

I have been doing really well with my eating lately, so in combination with regular cardio and a rockin’ strength training program, I should be able to tone up and help to improve my overall fitness. And hey, if it helps me to keep losing the last 25 pounds that I need to shed to finally reach my goal weight, there is nothing wrong with that.

If you’re interested in Best Body Bootcamp, you can read about it here and here. In addition to helping you stay committed to your fitness, there are some pretty awesome prizes involved. (Ok, maybe that helped encourage me too! ;))

I also made another commitment to fitness … I signed up for my first official 5K “race.” I wasn’t planning on doing a 5K for awhile, because I wasn’t sure if I was ready. But, I think I’ve been underestimating myself. I always asserted that running just wasn’t “my thing,” but when I push myself, great things can happen. I ran a 5K on the treadmill last week and another one today. Now, I fully realize that running outside on potentially hilly terrain might be very different than my casual dreadmill runs, but I still want to go for it. And I will do some run-wak intervals if I have to. This is probably the most spontaneous fitness-related decision I’ve ever made, so I’m just going with it.

I am proud of myself for making some investments in myself and commiting myself to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Now, I need your help. What is the best way to train for a 5K that is coming up in three weeks? I’ve never trained for a race before and I want to be ready!

Also, what commitments have you made to fitness lately?

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8 Responses to Fitness Commitments

  1. That looks awesome! So excited for you!

  2. I definitely have committed to challenging myself more at the gym…need that muscle confusion to actually see results!

    Thanks for the comment yesterday! Love following local blogs, so I am adding you to my google reader.

  3. katieforlife says:

    Thanks! I added you to mine yesterday!

  4. I just found your blog! And I also signed up for bootcamp today 😀 AND I ran my first 5k in January after completing the couch to 5k plan. If you can run a 5k on a treadmill you can DEFINITELY run a 5k race. The adrenaline and being surrounded by other runners makes it soo much easier. My other advice is don’t run the two days before the race and then do a half mile jog before the race so you have fresh but loosened up legs!

  5. katieforlife says:

    I am so glad to hear that! Thanks for the advice, and I am about to check out your blog right now. 🙂 I’m so excited for some bootcamp workouts!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Congrats on signing up for your first 5k! When I signed up for my first one I had really low expectations for how well I’d do and ended up realizing I was completely underestimating my ability. I’m sure you’ll do awesome! Good luck!

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