Friend Makin’ Mondays

I have been reading Kenlie’s blog for awhile now, but I decided that it might be cool to take part in her tradition of Friend Makin’ Mondays. Since I’ve obviously been struggling with my eating habits lately, this week’s questions really hit home for me. You can participate as well. Answer the questions on your own blog, and then head back over to her post today to link up to your post in the comments section.

  1. Are there foods in your life that always seem to trigger overeating? Yes!
  2. If so, what are they? I can’t really think of certain foods. Any junk food really … especially cookies, chips, and ice cream.
  3. When are you most likely to give into strong cravings? When I am alone … sad, but true. I will deny them when I am in front of other people, but leave me alone, and it’s all downhill from there.
  4. Are you more likely to be triggered by salty foods or sugary foods? Both … depends on the day.
  5. How do you get back on track after overeating? Every time I binge, I always say that tomorrow will be a better day. However, I can only remember one time that I actually stuck to that promise: May 23rd, 2010 when I joined Weight Watchers and stuck with it until September. I need to find that committed girl again. I know she’s here somewhere.
  6. Are there any foods that you allow yourself to eat without limits? I suppose if I really wanted to binge on raw veggies, I wouldn’t stop myself … although that has yet to happen.
  7. Do you notice a change in your emotions while eating trigger foods? I definitely overeat when I am sad or upset. And it doesn’t make me feel better, it makes me feel worse. Then, I am not only sad or upset about whatever was bothering me in the first place … I’m also mad at myself for eating so much.
  8. Do you have a strategy to keep yourself from overeating trigger foods? I rarely buy foods from the grocery store that I know I might binge on. However, sometimes I feel bad for never buying snacky foods for my boyfriend, so I buy them … for him … and then eat them myself. Or I raid the cabinets at my dad’s or mother-in-law’s house … true story.

And just for the record, I started today with some homemade strawberry banana protein pancakes, and I am headed to the gym in a bit for some cardio, strength training, and YOGA. I haven’t done yoga in many, many months, so I am so looking forward to stretching out … as embarrassing as it might be. Catch ya later!

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7 Responses to Friend Makin’ Mondays

  1. Dawn says:

    Are there any snacks that you don’t like that your bf can still enjoy? My husband LOVES hard pretzels, dark chocolate, and Geneva cookies…I like that stuff but would much rather use my WW points on something else, so I usually don’t even touch ‘his’ food. 🙂

    • katieforlife says:

      There aren’t many snacks that I don’t, enjoy, Dawn. 😉 The sad part is that when I am really on a crappy binge, I will eat snack foods that aren’t really my favorite, just because they are around.

  2. Sabrina says:

    Good for you on joining weight watchers when you did. Despite where you are now, that is a huge deal and something to draw from. You should acknowledge that choice and day, then use it to your benefit now. Sounds like you know what you need to do, as well as what you want to do.

    Yoga! Love yoga!! I am taking yoga and kickboxing for college electives over the summer. 🙂

    • katieforlife says:

      Thanks, Sabrina. I was super committed and lost almost 65 pounds over the course of like four months. Then, I gave myself a “week off” for my birthday that year, when didn’t turn out well for me. It was like one bite of “bad food” spiraled me back out of control. I know it’s because I took the “all or nothing” approach when I was on WW and didn’t let myself indulge ever, because I was happy to see how much weight I was losing, but I am still working on finding that happy and healthy balance. You are right though … I know what I need and want to do. I just need to it! Thanks for commenting!

  3. nancim72 says:

    Stopping by from FMM – I really enjoyed reading your answers. I, too, belong to WW (once upon a time made lifetime and need to find THAT girl again, lol). I also enjoy yoga! Can’t wait to read more of your blog!

    • katieforlife says:

      Thanks for stopping by! Believe me, I know what you mean. I was less than 10 pounds away from being eligible for lifetime when I took a “week off” from my birthday, which ended up being “forever off.” We can get back on track! I am going to check out your blog 🙂

  4. Awww friend making! Love that! I think everyone has at some point (or will) struggle with binge, triggered, and emotional eating. That Keep calm photo is so adorable!

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