May 23rd

Tomorrow is May 23rd. Exactly two years ago tomorrow, I ventured into my first Weight Watchers meeting. Although I was a Jazzercise instructor and exercising regularly, my eating was out of control.

I was unhappy with my body with my body and unhappy with my life.

In 18 weeks, I went from this …

to this …

My outer transformation led to an inner transformation. I felt great about myself, and this led to some fantastic changes in my life.

How did I do it? I tracked my food like a maniac and exercised daily.

Fast forward to two years later, and I’m scared to admit that my eating has spiraled out of control yet again. Some healthy habits did stick with me as a result of my transformation. I generally make healthier choices when it comes to grocery shopping and dining out. But I still binge. A lot.

I know that I have a problem with binge eating. I love to eat, and I eat too much. But I need to regain control. For my health and my happiness.

Tomorrow is May 23rd. I am certainly guilty of making a pledge to change “tomorrow” with no success. However, May 23rd is a special day for me. And tomorrow, I pledge to recommit. Although I am not rejoining Weight Watchers, I pledge to track all of the food that goes into my mouth, because it tracking keeps me accountable. I pledge to “move” everyday, whether this means an official workout at the gym or taking my puppy for a long walk. And I pledge to say no — to the donut at my staff meeting, the box of Cheeze-Its after work, to the second helping of dinner — to binging because I’m happy, mad, sad, or bored.

I am staying off of the scale for now, because I don’t want to be discouraged by the number. But I know that I will be able to see results in the fit of my clothes and the way I feel. And eventually, I will step back on the scale … and keep stepping on it until I reach my goal.

Cheers to May 23rd! I can do this. Thanks for your support!

What motivates you to say no to temptation? I will need all the advice and support I can get.

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