A Letter to Myself

Dear Katie,

Congratulations on an amazing year so far! You are truly living the dream. You have an amazing boyfriend who you plan to spend the rest of your life with and an adorable puppy who is full of love and cuddles. You were selected for, interviewed for, and accepted a distinguished student teaching internship. Like you have done with all of your school work, you went above and beyond at your internship and graduated from college with honors. Moreover, within two weeks, you rocked two interviews and accepted a job teaching sixth grade in an awesome local school district … your first real job!

I know that you are feeling on top of the world (as you should be), but one thing is holding you back from true happiness: your weight and negative self-image. You feel so out of control and disappointed that you never finished what you started in terms of your weight loss. But for some reason, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get back on track. You feel as if you are constantly making promised to yourself that you will re-commit “tomorrow.”

Here are some things to remember when’re feeling down:

You are a beautiful woman inside and out regardless of your weight. You have achieved so much in life, especially lately, that you should be so proud of. Don’t let your self-image struggles get in the way of that.

All of the people in your life will continue to love you unconditionally regardless of how big or small you are.

However, I know that reminders like that still don’t always work. When you feel like bingeing or over-eating, remind yourself of these things:

The satisfaction you will get from eating those cookies, ice cream, or chips is not worth the guilt that you will feel later about eating them. The same goes for ordering fries with your meal or fried chicken tenders instead of grilled chicken. It’s also not worth your pants feeling tighter. No way. That feeling is the worst.

Remember when you were losing weight and you were such an inspiration to others? Don’t you want to be that girl again? Soon, you will have over one-hundred sixth graders looking up to you as a role model as well. Don’t you want to set a healthy, positive example for them?

You know when you feeling like skipping a workout in lieu of hanging out on the couch with your puppy? Bad idea. While a good work out is never easy, it makes you feel great in so many ways. You know you’ve done something good for your body and it releases happy endorphins. If you just can’t tear yourself away from the pup, at least take him for a super long walk.

Soon, your life is going to get super busy. Crazy busy. Make sure to make time for yourself. To workout regularly and eat a healthy, well-rounded diet. Almost all the time. No making excuses about how you will return to healthy eating after this fish fry or pizza, because you won’t. Treats should be a rare exception. Rare means rare, Katie.

And when all else fails, remember that you want to look stunning in a wedding dress in the fairly near future (hopefully … no, you’re not engaged quite yet) and feeling beautiful and confident in a swimsuit on your honeymoon. You don’t want to be one of those brides struggling to lose weight as the day rapidly approaches, so you need to start making changes now.

In the end, you can’t be there for all the people in your life – boyfriend, family, students, dancers, and everyone else – unless you take care of yourself first. And you know that you’ll never be completely happy until you feel healthy and beautiful on the inside and out. You owe it to yourself.

Never stop believing in and loving yourself.


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2 Responses to A Letter to Myself

  1. Lindsay says:

    Never have truer words been said. I am currently in eating disorder treatment and I am really struggling to love myself, but your words today hit me and have really given me a new outlook on what I will have to deal with when I am at my goal weight. Please stay positive and love yourself through and through!

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