Dear Katie

Dear Katie,

You are reading this right now, because you are tempted to make a bad decision — an unhealthy choice. To eat something that you know you shouldn’t. To binge when you know you should stop.

So do just that. STOP. It’s not worth it.

Remember how happy you were to finally look like this?

You can get there again!

Yes, it’s true. You aren’t defined by how you look or how much you weigh. You have so much going for you. But you know that you aren’t happy with your body, and it consumes you. It would be one thing if you couldn’t do anything about it, but you have the power to instill change. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again.

So say no to the taco dip. Step away from the payday treats at work. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit and you salty cravings with a serving of Popchips or something. Remember all of your old tricks. And remember … you can stop at one serving.

It will NOT be easy at first. You will hungry. You might be moody. And you will be jealous of what other people are eating. But fight through it, and it will become your norm again.

Come back to this letter — multiple times a day if you need to. You are worth so much more than a package of starbursts or a pint of ice cream. You deserve the body that you’ve always wanted. You deserve to be happy.

Do it for you.


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