Setting Achievable Goals

Every day, I set myself up for success.

I pack a healthy breakfast and lunch. For example, today’s breakfast was a cup of pineapple Greek yogurt and a serving of raspberries. My morning snack was an apple and lunch was a salad of spinach/mixed greens, grilled chicken breast, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and Annie’s Goddess dressing. I enjoyed a “juice box” of chocolate milk for “dessert” — ok, mostly because I couldn’t resist the cute little single-serve containers at the grocery store. Still, everything was in moderation with healthy choices.

Then, the afternoon hits and I turn into, well, a mess. I had brought a bag (non-single serving) of Popchips to school with me (I’m a 6th grader teacher for those who don’t know). Granted, Popchips are a healthy alternative to other bagged, salty snacks. However, moderation went out the window, and I polished off the bag, which had at least two servings remaining in it.

After the Popchips came the mini Luna bar. Then, the 100-calorie pack of pretzels. Followed by maybe 5 package of Halloween candy Starburts (2-per pack) and then a couple of mini-licorices. Finally, I had the self-respect to pop of a piece of gum and stop the madness. (I keep a car-container of minty freshness on my desk for this very reason.) This, my friends, is a sample of one my unfortunate binges.

A similar situation ensued around dinner time, when, instead of fixing myself a decent meal, I picked at random snacks from the fridge until I felt sick to my stomach. I won’t detail it, because I think you get the picture.

I’m not telling this story, so anyone feels bad for me. Far from it. I know that I do this to myself. However, I know that there are people out there that can relate, and I want you to know that you are not alone.

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a weekly weigh-in to keep myself on track, but like I’ve said before, I fear that this may do more harm that good for my self-esteem right now. Instead, I would like to start to journal my binges to better understand my triggers. I’d also like to track how many days I can go without a binge and reward myself along the way. I’m sure to some of you, this seems ridiculous. But this is really a struggle for me, and I’ll do whatever it takes to put a stop to it.

So, here’s my goal, and my action plan to get there. (This is the goal-setting strategy that I use with my students, so it’s funny that I am flipping it around on myself.)

Goal: To go 14 days (and beyond) without any bingeing behavior

Action Plan:

Portion out all food in advance

  1. Complete a “Sunday Set Up” (a la Monica at RER) to plan meals and workouts (eating outside of the plan unless healthy and portioned is considered binge behavior)
  2. Stay hydrated so thirst is not confused for hunger
  3. Track all food consumed

Reward: Personal training sessions. I have really been wanting to treat myself to some sessions with a personal trainer, but I don’t want to cancel out all of the hard work by eating poorly.

Finally, since we are mid-week, an I obviously didn’t do any set-up for this week, here goes.


Breakfast — Greek yogurt, raspberries
Snack — Apple
Lunch — Salad, chicken sausage
Snack — Strawberries, baked egg
Dinner — Out to dinner (Make a healthy choice)


Breakfast — Greek yogurt, raspberries
Snack — Apple
Lunch — Salad, wheat thin crisps
Snacks — Strawberries, baked egg, banana
Dinner — Spaghetti squash, chicken sausage
Treat — Froyo from the new shop down the street


Breakfast — Egg sandwich
Snack — Apple
Lunch — Spaghetti squash, chicken sausage
Snacks — Strawberries, wheat thin crisps, banana
Dinner — Make a healthy choice
Treat — Vitamuffin

My weekends are sort of a free for all as far as meals as concerned, so I am going to make it my goal to make healthy choices and avoid any excess snacking beyond one healthy snack between meals.

Sorry for the long post, but I needed to do it for myself!

What are you strategies for avoiding binge behaviors?

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2 Responses to Setting Achievable Goals

  1. Sherri says:

    This is a great idea! I’m the same way in terms of planning my day out healthy and I start off so good. But then I get home and I snack all night. Or I eat a dinner and still snack all night. So just making the goal to not binge is so smart. I wish you luck and I’m interested to hear how it goes!

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