Sunday Set Up

Ahh, Sunday evening. How I love and hate you. I love you because you are relaxing.  But I hate you because you mean that the work week is impending. While I’m happy to have only two days of work this week, they are 13 hour days involving lots of parent-teacher conferences. My goal for the next two days is to make sure to fit healthy eating into my jam-packed mess of a schedule.

Checking In: While I haven’t been 100% dedicated to healthy-eating in the past  five days, I can definitely cite an improvement. I have been really conscious of what and when I’ve been eating and have not had a full out binge. I can’t say that that I haven’t eaten straight out of the bag or had more than a portion, but I do feel like I have made progress.

I contacted a local personal training studio, and I have a free introductory session on Wednesday night. I know that I said I would treat myself to personal training if I met my goal, but this place has a rockin’ BOGO Black Friday deal that I’d love to take advantage of if it seems like a good fit for me. Personal training is expensive, but I plan to use Christmas money for it, so I can call it a Christmas gift. Plus, I think that shelling out money for hard core training sessions will be extra encouragement to eat healthy, because I don’t want to cancel out my efforts with the trainer.


Breakfast: Greek yogurt, banana
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Spaghetti squash with chicken sausage
Early dinner (pre-conferences): Jimmy John’s turkey sub
Late night snack (post-conferences): Strawberries and cool whip


Breakfast: Greek yogurt
Snack: Apple, mini-Luna bar
Lunch/dinner/snacks: Food provided by the PTO

Wednesday (“Me” day including hair appointment, massage, and personal training)

Meals TBD … Probably Subway or other healthy on-the-go options

Thursday (Thanksgiving)

I am not stressing out about eating on Thanksgiving. I plan to let myself have whatever I am craving. My only goal is keep portion sizes small and return for seconds of the items I really like, rather than gorging myself early on.


Leftovers? Grocery shop to stock up on healthy food while crazy people are shopping at retail store? I didn’t do my normal Sunday shopping this week, because I knew it would be a crazy week, so Friday or Saturday shopping is on the agenda.

Have a great week, and a Happy Thankgiving if I don’t post again before then!

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