2012 was a great year in so many ways. Here are just a few highlights from the year …

I fell in love with a puppy.


In March, we got our maltese Reggie. He makes me smile every day. Now, I truly understand the meaning of “man’s best friend.”

I taught dance.


In May, I watched my students shine during my first dance recital as a dance teacher. Although I have been dancing since I was three, this was my first time getting fancy for the finale as a teacher.

I graduated from college.


In May, I also graduated with a degree in early adolescent education and a minor in math.

I got a job.


In June, I interviewed for and accepted a job teaching sixth grade math and social studies. Although I can’t wear PJs to work everyday, I love working with middle school kids and have really enjoyed getting to know a few of my coworkers.

I started teaching Jazzercise again.


In July, I reinstated as a Certified Jazzercise Instructor and rediscovered my love for working out. In addition to teaching regular classes, I also teach body sculpting now. I’m feeling fitter than ever, and I love helping others feel the same way. (P.S. I don’t always dress like this for class. That was a speciality Burlesque class. :))

I made my first “big girl” purchase.

In November, I bought my first car. I enjoy the spacious interior and being a little higher up on the road and trust that my little SUV it will get me through many Wisconsin winters. 

I spent quality time with friends and family.


Although it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life as a first year teacher and all of other things life throws my way, I try my best to make time for friends and family. Although many of my friends are married or have kids now, I I love and embrace the changes that have come our way.

I have lots of goals and dreams for 2013. Here are a couple of “biggies.”

  1. To continue deepening my knowledge and understanding of how to best teach math to kids. Most of you probably remember learning math in very procedural ways (think “top times top and bottom times bottom” to multiply fractions and cross multiplication to solve proportions), but there is a fundamental shift in the world of math education right now, and I am happy to be a part of it. It’s time for kids to learn the “why,” not just the “how.” My ultimate career goal  is to become a K-8 math specialist, so I will continue to work towards it.
  2. To finish what I started. I have taken a good two year hiatus from weight loss, which has, not so ironically, resulted in some unwanted weight gain. In 2013, I’d like to finally reach a healthy weight. However, it’s not just about a quick fix to lose weight for me anymore. I want to feel healthier and more energized. My immediate plan is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and processed foods. I invested in a Ninja blender today and hope to enjoy at least one fruit/veggie smoothie each day to help with this goal.
  3. To keep up with regular workouts. I know that I feel better when I workout, so I’d like to keep doing so at least 4x per week. I generally teach Jazzercise 2-3 times each weekend, so that means finding time to workout at least 2 times during the week as well, whether it be hitting up another Jazzercise class or doing something at home like Ripped in 30.
  4. To begin researching what it would take to open my on Jazzercise facility. Although I have far too much going on at the moment to jump in head first, I’d love to someday run my own Jazzercise Fitness Center, so I want to start becoming more educated on the steps that I need to take to make it happen. This way, I can slowly but surely make my dream come true.

So, spill! What were the highlights for you in 2012? What are your big goals for 2013?

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