Out of Hiding

After a week of little working out, I had an incredible week in the weight loss department. I think sometimes the body truly needs a break, and slipping on the ice forced me to take one.

As of my most recent weigh-in, I am down almost 23 pounds since my friends and I started our friendly Biggest Loser competition on January 6th.

Although I am still not to the lowest weight that I saw on the scale about three years ago when I did Weight Watchers, I am getting closer. I tried on the jeans that I wore for my 21st birthday and they zipped! They are still a little too tight to actually wear comfortably, but I am well on my way.


The jeans

And I am about 17 pounds from my tentative goal weight. I say tentative, because when I get there, I plan to re-evaluate and decide on another goal. For me, it’s more about how I look and feel than the number on the scale.

But what I’ve noticed more than anything is that I feel like I am coming out of hiding. Over the past two years or so, I slowly but surely gained weight (almost 30 pounds!). As that happened, I started to let myself go. It wasn’t intentional, but I started to fall into the “relationship rut” and put less and less effort into my appearance.

Now, I know just as much as anyone, that beauty shines from the inside out. It shouldn’t be about your weight, hairstyle, the or clothes you’re wearing, but, let’s be honest … all of those things help us to feel beautiful and confident. At least, that’s the way it works for me.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have invested a little (ok, a lot) in my appearance. Because I have been working my booty off (literally?) to lose weight and get healthy … and I deserve it. I got my eyebrows waxed, a mani and pedi, a haircut and highlights, and even a bikini wax (TMI?). And guess what? I feel frickin’ fabulous!

I had been letting my eyebrows grow for awhile and now that they have a shape, I feel as though my whole face has changed. (Not to mention it’s looking a little less round these days, if you know what I mean.) I got some shellac on my nails to help me kick my nasty nail biting habit. I brought back the blonde highlights. (While it’s true that brown was much less maintenance for me, I just don’t feel like myself without some blonde!) And I even took the plunge and finally let my hairstylist give me side bangs. Sure, they are taking some getting used to and require a little more work to style in the morning, but – excuse my for tooting my own horn – they are sexy!

So, really I swear that the point of this post is not to brag about how great I’m feeling, but rather to reiterate that it’s important to paper yourself sometimes. Because when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you make good choices and treat your body right. And when you’re healthy and fabulous, you can rock all of the other important things you have going on in life.

Ok, so maybe you didn’t need the reminder … but I sure did! 🙂

How do you pamper yourself?

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2 Responses to Out of Hiding

  1. Rebecca says:

    Congrats Katie!! Glad to hear you’re doing so well!!

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