Snow Day

I woke up to an unexpected snow day today. I wanted so badly to be excited, but I couldn’t help but feel frustrated at first. I was supposed to have my annual observation by my principal today, and I had already spent lots of time on my lesson plans and having my pre-observation meeting with him. Now, I will have to start the process all over again. Plus, I am on my way to Orlando, FL tomorrow to speak at a conference (and enjoy a little weekend getaway with brad), and my sub plans were already written. Since we didn’t have school today, the plans must change.


However, after accepting that these things were out of my control, I made my most of my snow day. I guess God just wants me to work on being more flexible, right? I am really working on actively adjusting my outlook and attitude on life lately. While it’s true that I’m not the happiest at my job, I don’t want to be an unhappy complainer all the time. Life is too short.

So, I seized the day and got lots of housework done that I normally put off. I cleaned the bathroom, did a few loads of laundry, and washed all of the sheets and towels. Even more exciting, I did a little closet reorganizing and cleaning. This weekend, I asked Brad to bring up my “extra clothes” from the basement (AKA clothes that I put away for awhile because there was no way that I was squeezing into them and they were taking up precious closet space). And guess what? Many of them fit and I anticipate that most of them will in the next month or so if I stay on top of my game. So I swapped some of my “fat clothes” that are obviously too big for me out of the closet and replaced them with my smaller duds. How’s that for some motivation?

Then, I headed to the gym for an intense snow day workout, since the Jazzercise class I was supposed to teach was cancelled. Reluctantly (but excitedly), I signed up for a 7K on March 16th. I’ve only run one 5K before (last St. Patrick’s Day), so I am definitely nervous. However, I really want to challenge myself and up the ante in regards to fitness, so I figured, why not? A couple of girls at Jazzercise are doing it, and I’ll be joining them.

So, I’m working on increasing my running endurance. Normally, when I run on the treadmill, I do intervals, because I know they are a good workout and they help to eliminate boredom. However, lately I’ve been trying to run longer distances. Key word is trying, because I get so bored! I started with a 5-minute walking warm up (4.0mph) and ran two 1-mile repeats at 6.0 (a 10-minute mile) with an incline of 1.0. Then, I did a third mile with one minute running and 30 seconds walking. I cooled down by walking until I hit 4 miles.


I’d love to be able to run 4.3 miles (about a 7K) in one short, but 1) my body is not ready for that yet and 2) I get so antsy on the treadmill. Does anyone have any advice for how to get better at this?



After I hopped off the treadmill, I threw together a little strength circuit that looked like this:

Circuit #1:
Weighted jumping jacks (3 pounds)
Push ups (10 on toes and the rest on knees)
Kettlebell swings (20 pound kettlebell)
Plank jacks
Curl and press standing on the bosu

Circuit #2:
Box jumps
Full sit-ups
Weighted oblique leans (10 pounds)

I do each exercise for 45 seconds then break for 15 seconds before the next move. I repeated each circuit twice. Most of my strength training lately is in this format, because that is how my personal training was organized and I really enjoyed it. It works for me!


How are your workouts going this week?

I’ll be back next week with a little report on Florida!

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