I know it’s been a week since I got back from Florida, but I am just getting to this post now.

Vacation is so refreshing. Even if the reason for the “vacation” was “work.”


There were so many things about my vacation that weren’t perfect – the weather was cold (really cold for Florida!) and I didn’t always make the healthiest food choices – but at the same time, it was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Brad and I flew into Orlando on Thursday evening. Before we left, we stopped at Perkin’s for a quick lunch. I ordered an omelet with Egg Beaters (egg whites weren’t an option) and mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, and cheddar cheese. I had fruit and pancakes on the side. I only ended up eating about half a pancake, because they weren’t THAT good and I was stuffed from my omelet.

We landed in Orlando around 7:00pm and had a quick cab ride to our beautiful resort, the Rosen Shingle Creek.


We dropped off our luggage in the room, wandered the resort, and eventually had a late dinner at Banrai, the sushi restaurant at the resort. I decided to be adventurous and ordered a roll that included alligator meat. When in Rome, right? It was actually not too bad … I know it’s cliche, but it tasted like chicken.


The next morning, I woke up and got ready for my panel. I brought some snacks with me on the trip, so I had some breakfast and snack options when I needed them. I had a Luna bar and a clementine before my session. I was really nervous before I spoke, but all went well. It was a great opportunity!


555138_10152587205395587_881246239_nAfter the session, I immediately changed into some comfier clothes, and Brad and I headed to … Disney World.


After lots of deliberation, we decided that Hollywood Studios would be our park of choice. We had a blast checking out all of the attractions.




For lunch, I settled on a chicken caesar salad, as it was the least greasy option I could find.


And how could I forget my afternoon snack? Ice cream is my weakness, and I allowed myself to indulge on vacation.


For dinner, we headed over to Downtown Disney. There was a long wait for most of the restaurants, even at 8:30pm, so we ended up eating at the House of Blues restaurant. It wasn’t our top choice, but the food was not bad at all. I was going to get a salad, but Brad really wanted to try the bacon-wrapped meatloaf and lobster mac and cheese, and who was I to disagree? So, we ordered both and split them. I forgot to get a picture, but trust me, they were tasty. I did snap a pic of my drink!


On Saturday, we visited Universal Studios. After checking out the attractions at each park, we decided to stick with traditional Universal rather than visiting Islands of Adventure.


While Brad grabbed a bagel, I fueled up for the day with a smoothie.


Although it was quite chilly, we enjoyed lots of rides and shows.



(I’m so sad that the Jaws ride is gone!) During the day, Brad surprised me by suggesting that we go to the Blue Man Group Show that night and buying tickets. It was a really interesting show, and, appropriately, I enjoyed a Blue Kamikaze … with a souvenir cup!


Before the show, we had dinner at the NBA Restaurant. I ordered a turkey burger and side salad, and it was nothing special. Good thing I had some Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream as an afternoon snack. 🙂


Sunday morning, we woke up and got ready to go the airport. I was so bummed that our vacation was almost over.


At the airport, we were approached with the option of waiting for a later (direct) flight in exchange for free flight vouchers, since they overbooked our flight. I was happy to do it, but they ended up having room for us on our original flight.

At the airport, I had a turkey cobb salad from Au Bon Pan. I asked for vinegarette dressing instead of blue cheese, because even though I love actual blue cheese, the dressing just doesn’t appeal to me.


Two quick flights later, and our vacation was over. 😦

Still, it was a fabulous time! And there was one reason I was happy to come home …


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