Step Away From the Scale

Happy snuggle Sunday!


I am getting in some snuggles between Jazzercise classes. I am teaching THREE classes today! I always teach back-to-back classes on Sunday mornings – one regular class and one body sculpting, but I also picked up another instructor’s class this afternoon.

I have been wearing my heart rate monitor more regularly lately, and I am impressed by the number of calories that I burn teaching class:


I do notice a major discrepancy between the number of calories that I burn teaching (~600) vs. taking class (~450). It really energizes me to kick things up a notch as a participant!

I know that I should be refueling with nutritious food to make up for all of those calories, but I’ve found myself digging through some Easter candy today. Oh well! I’m trying to learn not to sweat the small stuff, as long I track everything and am not mindlessly gorging on food all day long. I did make some good choices with a Subway chicken chop salad (love all the veggies in these!) and Chobani yogurt after my morning classes.

Anyways, the real reason for this post was for some scale talk. For the past two years, I have avoided the scale like the plague. I knew that my clothes were getting snug, and I had NO desire to know how much I actually weighed. When I began the most recent portion of my weight loss journey, I vowed to weigh-in once per week to keep track of my progress. After awhile awhile, once per week transitioned to a few times a week. And now, I am weighing myself every morning.

While I know that many people weigh themselves daily, I’m starting to think that this might not be the most ideal situation for me at this time. Weight obviously fluctuates day to day based on lots of factors – water consumption, sodium intake, etc. And it’s a little disappointing when I’ve had what I consider a good day of eats and an intense workout and see something like a one pound gain staring back at me on the scale the next day. Almost always, things balance out within a few days, but it doesn’t change the feeling of despair on the scale that morning.

As expected, I’m finding that the more weight that I lose, the harder weight loss is becoming. However, I am not giving up this time. I will reach my goal weight – whatever that is – in however long it takes.

This week, I’m setting a personal goal of avoiding the scale, no matter how tempting it is to step on each morning. The next time I will weigh-in is next Sunday. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing – eating good food and working out hard –  but I won’t let a number define me.

How often do you weigh yourself? What works best for you?

P.S. I’m celebrating 30 pounds of weight loss today!

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