Brewer’s Mini-Marathon (Half-Marathon)
September 28, 2013
Milwaukee, WI

post race

Run the Bay 5K
May 18, 2013
Whitefish Bay, WI
25:52 (1-8:31, 2-8:23, 3-8:13, 0.1-0:45)


Lucky Leprechaun 7K
March 16, 2013
Wauwatosa, WI
41:37 (9:35 Min/Mile)


St. Patty’s Day 5K
March 17, 2012
Glendale, WI
31:00-ish (Untimed)


2 Responses to Races

  1. Sara says:

    It is a small, buried dream of mine that one day I might actually run a half-marathon. I’d even love to run a 5K and not walk it! But the fact that you did a 7k in March with snow on the ground—hardcore chicky!

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