My First Half

Yesterday, I ran a half-marathon!

post race

On no training. Literally, my last run was the 5K that I ran in the middle of May. While I would absolutely NOT suggest this (I am hurting big time today), I am extremely proud of myself for pushing myself hard and not giving up.

While I don’t have much time to post right now, here are the thoughts that I remember during the race (for your entertainment):

Miles 1-2: I’m feeling strong. Maybe I really can do this.
Mile 3: Katie, don’t be overconfident. Keep walking .25 miles after each mile run to maintain your energy and strength.
Mile 4: Woah, I just ran a 5K.
Mile 5: I can’t believe that I am not even halfway through yet. I better eat some of these Gu Chomps (that I have never tried before in my life). These don’t taste so bad. Wait a second, this is pretty much longer than I have ever run in my life. Amazing.
Mile 6: I think I can start running two miles at a time before I walk. I’m gonna try that for awhile.
Mile 7: Maybe that was a stupid idea. I am really starting to feel my legs. Woah! There is the 2:30 pace group. Maybe I could really do this in less than two hours and 30 minutes!
Miles 8-11: Legs, don’t fail me now. I’m surprised that I am not out of breath. I guess I really am in good shape. But my legs sure aren’t in running shape. Don’t lose the pace group. (Pass the pace group.) Good idea to pass the pace group, so when I take my next walking break, I don’t lose them.
Mile 12: Make it through this mile, and you only have 1.1 miles to go. You can run 1.1 miles!
Mile 13: (Running through Miller Park, the Brewers’ stadium.) This is freaking amazing! I can’t believe that I am about to finish a half-marathon! (Looking back.) Where did the pace group go? Who cares, Katie? You are ahead of them!
Mile 13.1: This is the LONGEST tenth of a mile ever. (Saw a guy on a stretcher and felt really sad that he made it through almost the entire race before needing medical attention.)
Finish Line: HOLY SHIT! My legs are going to hurt tomorrow. Oh wait, they already do. Who cares? I just ran a half-marathon!

Have a good week!

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2 Responses to My First Half

  1. Katie that’s awesome!!! Way to rock your first half especially after not running in so long!! You are so strong. Can’t wait to read a full recap. Seriously this is so great and congratulations!!!

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